Reloading Equipment

Dillon Precision Square Deal
Square Deal
Dillon Precision

Square Deal B Auto-Indexing four station progressive reloader.

Loads only the listed handgun cartridges.
Automatic Indexing shellplate
Auto Powder / Priming Systems
Uses special dies
Manually fed cases and bullets
Typical loading Rate is about 300-500 Rounds per Hour
Comes Complete With Factory Adjusted Loading Dies Ready-to-Use, machine set up with proper primer size & shellplate installed. Lifetime 'No-B.S.' Warranty
Our Price 635.00
Dillon Precision RL 550B
RL 550B
Dillon Precision

Without Caliber Conversion.

The RL550B is a four station progressive loader able to load rifle as well as pistol cartridges.

It uses standard 7/8 by 14 thread per inch dies, as long as they deprime in the size die. Manually indexed shellplate. Manually fed cases and bullets. Capable of loading 400 to 600 rounds per hour. Lifetime 'No-B.S.' Warranty
Our Price 715.00
Dillon Precision XL 650
XL 650
Dillon Precision

Five station progressive loader.

Mechanically indexed shellplate
Mechanically inserted cases, manually fed bullets.
Casefeed tube to automatically insert cases.
Capable of loading 500 to 800 rounds per hour
Lifetime 'No-B.S.' Warranty
Our Price 869.00
Dillon Precision Casefeeder
Dillon Precision
Electric Casefeeder for the XL650. With it, you simply dump in a bunch of brass and turn it on. It automatically orients the brass mouth-side up, fills the case feed tube, shuts off when the tube is full, and automatically starts as the tube gets low. Magic!
Our Price 395.00
Double-Alpha Mr Bulletfeeder
Mr Bulletfeeder

If you have never used a bullet feeder on your progressive reloader – you‘ve been missing out! A bullet feeder greatly improves the efficiency of any reloader, making the processing of reloading easier, faster and safer.

Mr.Bulletfeeder has been around for some years now, and has gained a huge following worldwide. The patented system is by far the best performing personal use bullet feeder on the market, and has been, since its introduction back in 2006.

RRP 535.00